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These days we are all attached to our mobile phones. Without noticing we get so used to using some or other app. The day we change phones or have to go the day without our phone we suddenly feel lost and empty.

On my phone I have a whole lot of lifestyle and fitness apps, some I use every day, some I use not so often and some I don’t really use at all. In this post, I am going to share my 5 favorite apps. I am not going to list Whatsapp and social media apps, we all know that without these apps we would be lost, without any news or time wasters.

The 5 fitness apps I can’t live without:

Listed below are the fitness apps (and lifestyle apps) that I can’t live without.

1. Pocket Workouts Light by Darebee –

I absolutely love this app! With it, I always have a workout on hand. If I go to the gym and don’t really know what to do I just get out my Pocket Workouts and there I have it. My very own trainer. This app caters for beginners to advanced exercises. This is perfect for offline and on the go access. The app contains 250 routines arranged in various categories.

2. Strava

The perfect fitness app to track your workouts. I use Strava to track my cycling distance, elevation, time, calories, achievements and so much more. With Strava you can invite friends to challenge them, or they can ride/run/swim with you. Strava links with your smartwatch so you can track your progress without having to carry your phone with you. Track your race times to see your improvement.

3. Jango

Music to my ears! Like Spotify, this app allows you to listen to music of any genre your heart desires. There are ads in between songs, but if you can listen past this you would be able to listen to Jango as long as you want. This is one of those fitness apps that work for everyday life as well. Getting some work done, cleaning the house, or just relaxing your mind.

4. Forest

When I have to focus for a while I use my Forest app to do it. You can “plant” a whole forest on your phone when you have to focus. Put down your phone and focus, be it on a workout or actual work. It’s great for fitting in some exercise time at home when you’d otherwise be scrolling Instagram. But beware, if you open any other app while your tree is going it is going to die and you will have to start over.

Forest App image

5. Google Sky Map –

Not necessarily one of the fitness apps, but a great one to have nonetheless. I don’t use this app a lot but when I get a chance I love to look up at the sky to see where the constellations are. It shows you different planets and stars, all you have to do is point your phone in a direction. It will guide you to the planets or stars you specified.

Other non-fitness apps that I love

I naturally have a lot of other apps on my phone and making this list was not as easy as I expected. Having to choose between the apps listed above and the rest like The Entertainer, Spark Post, 2048, Udemy, Hyperli, Grammarly was very difficult.

The Entertainer

Let us know the 5 apps on your phone you can’t live without.


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