How To Drink More Water (Tips & Tricks to Hydrate Effectively)

If you’ve EVER tried to get fit, lose weight, or just be healthier in general, you’ve probably come across the ‘drink at least 8 glasses of water a day’ rule. And, unless you’re one of the lucky few who have a water-drinking routine down, this is likely to be the hardest part of creating a healthy lifestyle. It’s also the most important.

But how do you convince yourself to drink the amount of water that your body needs? And how much is that, anyway?

We go into the whys. hows, and whens of drinking enough water, and have put together a few tips for you to use when trying to start the habit of drinking water.

Why you should drink more water

Water is vital to human bodies. Our bodies are made up of mostly water – so it’s logical to think that we need water to survive. And, of course, we lose water throughout the day so replacing it makes sense. When people don’t drink enough water, their bodies become dehydrated which can lead to a list of complications and health problems.

Drinking water helps keep your joints lubricated, it helps cushion your brain and spinal cord, it also helps keep your skin looking healthy. Your organs use to water to work properly, even your airways need water to stay open – helping you breathe. There are so many things that water does for your body.

You Are What You Drink

Very much like the saying ‘You Are What You Eat’, this simply means that if you are drinking healthy fluids – aka water – you’ll be healthy. If you’re drinking unhealthy fluids – aka gassy cooldrinks, sugary drinks, and alcohol – you’re going to feel, look, and be unhealthy.

Why Is It Hard To Drink Water?

How is it so hard to drink enough water, yet having a third coffee or a fourth beer is so easy? It’s a strange situation. Your body needs water, but it’s sometimes impossible to keep yourself adequately hydrated.

There isn’t really an answer to why it’s so hard for us to drink enough water. But it is something that a large percentage of people battle with. Sometimes we forget, and other times it’s just the taste that puts us off.

Tips To Drink More Water

So, if you’re looking for some ideas on how you can get yourself hydrated and healthy – we have a few tips.

  • Carry a water bottle and refill it always – if you constantly have a full water bottle, and it’s in your hands always, you’re more likely to drink it.
  • Time your water breaks – make it a habit – smokers and coffee drinkers do this. So try and make it so that every half hour or so, you’re standing up to get yourself a nice glass of water.
  • Schedule it in – set alarms for every hour to make sure you remember to chug a glass.

Creative Ways To Drink More Water

Still battling to chug a few glasses of H20 each day? Make it fun! Try these creative options.

Play a water game

Yep, we’ve all played those drinking games, like beer pong and Kings. So why not try this with water? There are some awesome water-drinking game ideas available, and some are fantastic to get a whole group together and challenge each other.

Infuse your water with fruits

Add cucumber, strawberries, lemon, and other fruits into your water. Lemon water is a popular favourite. It helps the taste and looks fancy. Get an awesome infuser bottle to make this an easy task.

Water Drops

You can buy water drops that help add interesting flavours to your water without making it unhealthy. Flavours include lemon, peach, and strawberry.

Eat Your Water

Eat your water. Certain fruits and veggies are full of water. Eating these are not exactly the same as drinking a glass of water, but they’re great ways to add water into your body.

How To Make Yourself Drink More Water

Obviously, you know yourself best, so you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you do well with rewards and points – then find a great reward for yourself. If you’re someone who needs to change the taste of the water, go ahead!

The only way to ‘make yourself drink more water’ is to understand what works best for you. Even if that means eating half a watermelon each day (we can’t promise that that’s a safe idea though).

What’s The Best Way To Drink Water

There are certain guidelines as to the TIME to drink water, but as to the way you drink it – cup, bottle, with your head under the tap – we’ll leave that up to you.

  • You shouldn’t drink too soon before or after a meal – it’s not good for your digestive juices.
  • For good weight loss practice, drink a glass of cold water 30 minutes before you eat, this will help you only eat what you need (sometimes we eat more because we feel hungry, but actually, we’re just thirsty).
  • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. It’ll refresh you, wake you up, and flush any toxins from your organs.
  • Have a glass before you sleep as well to keep you hydrated throughout the night.

Go Drink That Water

If all this talk of water hasn’t made you as thirsty as us – well, we just don’t know! If one thing is sure, it won’t hurt to go and gulp a big glass of H2O right now. Do you drink enough water? Do you battle? Let us know – and tag us in your water drinking snaps on Instagram @jumpingjayns #fitfunhealthy

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