Keeping Fit in the Time of Covid-19

I’m not the type of person who has a strict exercise routine. In fact, I’m the type of person who finds waking up early and going to the gym incredibly boring. Don’t get me wrong. I do have a gym contract and I do make use of it occasionally, but I’m the type of person who needs adventure and fun to be able to exercise regularly.

The rest of the Jumping Jayns team think of me as the ‘Obstacle Course Queen’ and I’ll take it, but really I’m just motivated by fun and obstacle courses are FUN. Anything outdoors entices me really. Trail runs, obstacle courses, hikes, obstacle courses, mountain climbing, obstacle courses. Oh, did I mention obstacle courses?

On a serious note though, this lockdown due to Covid-19 hit me a bit harder than anticipated. I had entered all these races and as one by one (in the lead up to the lockdown) each one was announced either postponed or cancelled my heart just sank deeper and deeper. All I could think was “now what?”

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the country would be going into a period of lockdown I decided this would be a great time to get into a daily routine of training at home. I spent the first day looking for different ‘at home’ workouts and was impressed by how many were available. A few days later I saw the Hallo Jane 21 day Lockdown Challenge and was excited to join this. A few days later we had been in lockdown for over a week, I hadn’t joined the challenge and I hadn’t exercised yet either. This was when the guilt set in.
It was some time during this period of guilt that I saw a quote that readjusted the way I was thinking.

“It’s okay to not be at your most productive during a freaking pandemic” – Kelsey N Martinez

Suddenly it was okay that I had spent a week and a half doing nothing but working, eating and sleeping. I was dealing with the stress of the changes caused in our day-to-day lives by this pandemic and I was allowed to take a bit of time to crawl up into a ball in my corner and figure out my next steps. I didn’t have to be productive every day.

Of course a week or so later I realized that this quote, as beautiful as it is, had become my new excuse and I decided it was time to get myself back into gear. I went back to my research and decided to try some of the ‘at home’ workouts I had found in the first week.

My boyfriend, being as supportive as he is, decided to join me in testing out the workouts and even suggested a daily workout routine: Abs, arms, legs, rest.
We started day 1 with a beginner abs workout from – this was when we realized just how unfit we’d become. We woke up on day 2 and could feel that we had worked out muscles the day before so we decided to stick with for the next 2 days. We’ve since tried a few of their workouts and all have looked so easy but we have felt like we’ve had a proper workout after each session which only lasts about 30 minutes.
I also found Holly Dolke’s Youtube channel where she shares daily workouts which I’ll be testing out in the next few days. I’ve reached a point now where I’m actually feeling spoiled for choice. Each day I can pick from hundreds of workouts to try and I’ll know that I’m doing something to better my physical health while I’m confined to my home.

Do I love working out at home now? No. Do I wish I could go to Runstacle instead? Of course! Am I missing nature? Every single day but at least while I am safe at home I know I can keep my body moving so that when the events are allowed again I will be ready to get back to what I really love; adventure and fun.

If you have also found yourself struggling to come up with ‘at home’ workouts or just want some extra inspiration, take a look at the links above (as well as a few extras below) – you might just end up finding a workout you’ll love…

Rebecca Louise – BURN
Tracy Campoli – PERFECT ARMS

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