Starting off July with the BlogBoss winter blog challenge, tonight we introduce you to Jumping Jayns. Learn how we came about, how we chose our name, and why we bother to occupy this tiny space on the big wide web.

How did Jumping Jayns start?

In 2017, Mariska and Tammi found themselves working together in an office. They were both quite unfit and were unhappy with their mostly sedentary lifestyles. Mariska was getting her body back to being fit after surviving Leukemia, and Tammi was learning how to stay fit now that she no longer waited on tables 10 hours a day and walked to most of her needed destinations.

At some point during the year, we decided to join the gym that had opened in the neighborhood. Once we were both members, we took one Friday afternoon and went exercising! It wasn’t pleasant, but it was kinda fun. And so we vowed to push ourselves and each other to continue a more active life.

Jumping Jayns became part of our motivation. We wanted to share our experiences, as well as create a sort of ‘lazy girl’s guide to getting fit’ as we went.

What’s with the name?

When we decided that we’d start a blog, we knew we had to come up with a name. So, we sat down on Saturday afternoon, sent the men (our jumping johns) away for the day, and did some hard brainstorming! Oh, the names we came up with!!

Eventually, we settled on Jumping Jayns. It’s basically just a play on ‘Jumping Jacks’ exercises, but of course Jayns because we’re girls! We misspelt Jayns because we’re cool like that.

How bright is Jumping Jayns future?

In the past almost 2 years, Jumping Jayns has continued to keep us active. Many a bright Saturday mornings we’ll get together for some activity because “we need an Insta pic for JJ”.

We have since stopped working together, and both moved on to more pressing jobs. This often leaves little time for fun gym selfies and events. But we keep pushing on. We hardly get to the gym together, but we do make time to do fun runs and other healthy activities and events together.

Mariska has really embraced her mountain biking with her hubby, and Tammi continues to flail around in as many Zumba classes as she can get to. Although at the moment it’s shredding for the wedding time, so she’s focusing on eating better and moving as often as possible.

We do hope do to some more work on Jumping Jayns and turn it into the guide that we once hoped it would be. This will take time, though, and as our bodies become healthier, our minds will follow, giving us more energy to work on our little passion project.

(Not Quite) the End

And that’s our story. It’s still very much in its beginning chapters, and there is so much more still to come! As we learn to balance our love of living (and cake) with our bodies’ needs, we hope to share everything we discover with you! We just know that there’s an entire tribe of girls who are just trying to feel good in their bodies while still enjoying a good pizza, pajamas, and Netflix party!

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