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BlogBoss Challenge day2: Why did I start blogging

For the second day of the BlogBoss challenge, I (Mariska) decided to take the Why did you start blogging challenge.

The Problem

During and after cancer the challenge I had with my weight was exhausting. I constantly picked up and lost weight during that year. When I was at home the weight added up. When I was on chemo the weight fell off again. In preparation for my bone marrow transplant, I picked up weight. I was expecting to lose a lot of it during that time. Fortunately for me, I was lucky not to lose to much weight. But that meant I had picked up the extra weight and didn’t lose it all again. I was just hanging over the overweight line. But that was ok because my body needed the extra fuel to recover.




Finding the Answer

After getting the all clear from my doctor I set out to lose some of the “overweight” weight I had hanging around. I never had a big problem with losing weight so I didn’t realize it was going to be such a mission after the whole cancer thing. My body however completely changed. I was now on hormone replacement (I still am), that didn’t help with the weight loss, my anti-depressants suddenly made it impossible to lose weight and my metabolism decided to not work anymore. I was stuck.

After doing some research online I realized that not too many people spoke about the weight journey after cancer. The stories I did find online was totally different from mine. So I wanted some way to help people with the same road (more or less) to see that they are not alone. People seem to forget that bodies react differently to different things. My body will react differently to cancer treatment than the next person so we have potentially 1000’s of different scenarios for after cancer weight problems.



Why we started Jumping Jayns

Tammi and I started working out together and I shared with her my journey and struggles. With her love of writing and blogging, we decided to start this lifestyle/fitness/funess blog. Working out and having fun while doing it was important to us both. As people that work at desks the whole day, we wanted to be able to get fit, have fun and tell people about the ways to do it.

Johns and Jayns at Rhodes Memorial

Dealing with cancer, the trauma, the weight problems, the hormone problems, the stress, just everything that comes with the shock of finding out you have cancer get to people differently and if we can give just one person hope with this blog my mission will be complete.

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