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If you haven’t heard of Fit Night Out, hosted by Women’s Health Magazine, you definitely want to get clued up ASAP. It happens every year, in all of South Africa’s big cities – Cape Town, Joburg, and Durbs. Basically, it’s an evening comprised of 1000+ ladies who all gather together and workout.

A stage full of exceptional fitness instructors, an outdoor arena flowing with energy, and a host of fun promotions and brand activations is what you’ll find. We attended our first ever fit night out in Cape Town – 16th Feb. We made our way there with a mix of nervousness and excitement. Not sure exactly what we were going to find, but totally ready for the amazingness that was awaiting us.

So what did we get up to?

Registering –

So, Mariska, the smart girl that she is, took our tickets and indemnity forms to the Adidas store in Canal Walk to pre-register the night before the event. Thanks to that bright idea, we arrived at the event with our pink paper bracelets already around our wrists. This meant we didn’t need to register at the event, and could go straight to pick up our goodie bags.


FNO Registering

We thought that the registration queues would be super long. But they actually weren’t; we arrived at 4:20 pm and the queues were basically empty.

At the goodie bag table, we got to choose between a L’Oreal shampoo OR a mud face mask. Yeah, we so went for the face mask (already planning our recovery self-care sessions after all the intense workouts).

Pre-Event Activities

Once we had got through the goodie bag/registering area – we moved into a large space indoors. Around us were various stations, with lines – long and short – and we could see tons of exciting stuff happening.

Shirt modification table

Some lovely ladies were offering to modify our Women’s Health vests. Cutting patterns and strategically placing knots to make the vests look uber cool. We chose not to partake in this and kept our vests in one piece – to wear to the gym and other fitness events.

Fry’s Family vegan smoothies

We stopped by the Fry’s stand and they were making delicious smoothie tastings, using their vegan smoothie mix. There was banana & peanut butter, and a mixed berry flavour. We both had berry and they were delicious. They were full of flavour, filling, and smooth enough to be drunk through a tiny paper straw. Everyone who had the peanut butter flavour was quite happy with them as well – no complaints from anyone here.

Hulett’s Equisweet

Our next stop was Hulett’s Equisweet, they had smoothie tastings too. Made with plain yoghurt, strawberries and Hulett’s sweetener. So it tasted amazing – and was a healthier choice than using normal sugar.


Huletts Equisweet


Their stand was also running a competition. We had to take a pic, tag them on Instagram and then we got to spin a wheel to decide our prize. There were pretty cool prize options, from gym towel to voucher. We both landed on “Equisweet product” so we got to pick any prize we wanted! Tammi had her eye on their water bottle, bright green with a straw function; and Mariska picked a food cup – perfect for taking salads to work – complete with a plastic fork attached to the side.

Deep Heat Massage

The Deep Heat team was there too, and they were offering massages to the hardworking ladies. They had set up a discreet, quiet corner where you could happily go and get a relaxing massage from one of the team.

Cover Girl for a Day

Cover Girls

Next, we all changed into our FNO vests and took turns being a Women’s Health cover girl. There was a large banner with the outline of Women’s Health, and we all got to pose in front of it. These picks came out beautifully, and in my honest opinion, made us all look amazing.

Adidas Race


Thanks to FOMO, when we saw people doing races at the Adidas station outside, we figured – may as well see what’s going on. So we raced each other and everyone got a prize – winner got an Adidas peak cap and the rest of us got a participation gym towel 🙂

Virgin Active

There was also a station where Virgin Active was testing out new machines. We missed this part, and when we came back to check it out, there was no one there. But it looked interesting anyway.

The fitness instructors

The workout area was in a cordoned-off parking section of Grand West Casino. It was lovely outside, warm but with a cool breeze. And the sun was slowly setting over Table Mountain. The entire atmosphere was energizing to say the least.

We started off with a warm-up from Ceri Hannan – ok he was warming up the crowd while we were running for Adidas prizes but it sounded really hyped up, and I was sad we missed it. It would have come in handy for the next workout.

Next up was Mapule Ndhlovu – or Maps – from Queen Fitnass. She was amazing. She had us jumping and hopping and squatting. This was a blast into fitness and as breathless and sweaty as we were after she left the stage, we were smiling just as much.




While we got a short break from the sweating, we went and took photos with the Powerade props. We also got an awesome video, made with some contraption they had, which had you stand on a round platform and the camera was secured on an arm that circled you.


Powerade props


Those Powerade guys were the heroes at FNO. They kept us going with unlimited supply to Powerade and water! In our goodie bags was a Powerade squeeze bottle which we were able to fill up with blue powerade poured from huge Powerade kegs.

While we were taking awesome pics, the Bollywood fitness had started! So we ran back to our spots to try out the dance move. It was a bit confusing at first, especially since we missed the instructional section, but was tons of fun and made us seriously think of trying out a class or two.

Then, we got some stretch and flow. This was a fast-paced variation of the yoga that we’re used to. It was fun and also helped our muscles stretch out a bit from the heavy work they were doing.

After another short break, Takkies came on stage. She brought another fun dance fitness, much like Zumba in fact. The fun and energy that pours from her class really infects those she’s instructing.




And last, but not least, was S.W.E.A.T 1000. Yes, it is as serious as it sounds. But also a ton of fun. This is a more hardcore fitness, and it definitely works out all the important parts. Lucky they left this for last because most of us wouldn’t have managed anything else if it had been first.

And after all was said and done, we crawled out, sweat dripping from every surface, to the holy grounds of Spur. Awaiting us were the dutiful husbands that had been saving a table, and we sank down to enjoy some heavenly food. Coffee and burgers were brought as quickly as the busy staff was able, and we proudly showed off our new goodies and bet on which of our muscles would be the most sore in the morning.

What was in the goodie bag?

Ah, the goodie bags – a solid 45% of the reason we were able to brave the 3-hour long workout. Who doesn’t love free goodies right? This event did not disappoint in that department.


Goodie Bags


The actual bags were reusable drawstring bags – we love collecting these from fun runs and such. They make perfect accessories to camps, hikes, and other runs. They’re also really useful to take with you if you’re traveling with public transport and you don’t want to carry a handbag.

Inside the bag was:

  • The March edition of Women’s Health mag – thank you very much! Inside, we get to enjoy the latest scoop on all things fitness, as well as gain new insights on healthy trends.


  • An Adidas zip gym towel. These are great for gym, since the zipped compartment is just big enough to hold your phone, keys, even glasses!


  • Deep Heat Period Pain Patch!!!! Ok so if you don’t writhe in pain at least once month thanks to your ovaries committing murder on your unused eggs – lucky you. But if you do, we literally just heard about these patches yesterday. HOW??!! Is this not something that should be spread across the nation? Should this not have been on EWN the moment it came into stores: BREAKING NEWS: Deep Heat release patch that calms the murderous screams of females worldwide during period. Okay, slightly dramatic – plus we haven’t tried them yet, but we’re counting down the days until we can test them out (and we’ll let you know how they work).


  • Lentheric roll-on. Oh, smart people. A lovely, vanilla scented roll-on really helped those sweaty armpits after the event. And it smells sooooo good.


  • Yardley Gorgeous perfume tester. So just in case you had a date right after the event you could still smell absolutely gorgeous.


  • Hulett’s sweetener samples came in the cutest little tin. This means you can swop out your sugar for sweetener, and carry sachets around with you – brilliant. The only thing we noticed was that this tin came in a small plastic pocket. Please Huletts, we don’t need that piece of plastic. Thanks.


  • We also got a Fry’s Family card explaining the Kasha that they were serving in their smoothies.


  • And of course, our really cool WH vest – it says Lettuce Turnip the Hiit (or Let us turn up the heat). Genius 😉


Will we go again?

You betcha! If you’re in Joburg or Durban, check out when FNO is coming to you!  If you’re in Cape Town, we’ll see you there next year!

So thanks to Women’s Health and all there event partners and sponsors, and a major thanks to the instructors for the most fun, fit and healthy evening we’ve had all year!

Were you at the Cape Town FNO? Are you going next year? Let us know, and check out the fun we had on our Instagram and Facebook.

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